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Welcome to Arbor House Publishing.

Since 2011, Arbor House Publishing has been providing opportunities for new writers to turn their ideas into published works. Whether it is your first book or you’re looking for more personalized attention, we are here for you every step of the way. Our focus is not the end product, but instead ensuring that at every moment our clients feel comfortable and that what they are putting forward is everything that they could have wanted.

Ranging from fiction to reference materials, we are now accepting new projects for late Fall and Spring 2014 seasons. Contact us today to discuss how your project can become a reality.

Feature Project:

The 1865 Quartermaster Manual
Edited by Earl J. Coates & Frederick C. Gaede

Amidst the death and struggles of the Civil War, the overworked Quartermaster Department realized the necessity of standardized specifications on their items. Tasked in December of 1863 to achieve this goal by the Quartermaster General, Colonel George H. Crosman went to work and in one year managed to complete the bulk of this enormous task. But even as the Manual was coming closer to completion, it was put on the back burner with the Confederate surrender at Appomattox. For years it lay lost and scattered in archives deep within the Nation’s Capitol.

Nearly 150 years later, it is being published for the first time in its completed form. Complemented by the complete collection of 1866 Quartermaster Photographs, detailing regulation uniforms of the time, this is the must have for any historian or collector of Civil War era equipage.

To secure your copy of a Limited Edition Set of both the 1865 Quartermaster Manual and the Volume II U.S Army Clothing and Equipage Inspectors & Contractors 1861-1865. Only 150 copies are available of this specially bound, leather edition that has been signed and numbered. It is a collector’s piece that anyone truly serious about the Civil War cannot afford to miss. Trade editions are also available.